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Marathon RELAY | Twilight 5K Run/Walk

The 53rd Paavo Nurmi Marathon

Half Marathon | Marathon RELAY

Twilight 5K Run/Walk

August 11th/12th, 2023

Hurley, WI | Ironwood, MI

The Paavo Nurmi Marathon

Half Marathon | RELAY

Twilight 5K Run/Walk

The history of the Paavo is one of pride, strength and dedication of both runners and volunteers, and the love of a network of communities for the area’s longest running event. The 2023 Paavo Nurmi Marathon will be the 53rd edition, making it the longest running marathon in Wisconsin!

Come join us!

The Paavo is a point-to-point marathon in Northern Iron County, Wisconsin, always the 2nd Saturday in August.

The Paavo Nurmi Marathon runs on a certified course which is a Boston Marathon/NYC Marathon qualifying event.

...also offering a half marathon, marathon RELAY and Twilight 5K Run/Walk.

Paavo Cover 2.jpg
Weekend Schedule
~ Friday, August 11th, 2023
The Paavo Nurmi Marathon
EXPO and packet pick-up
Time TBD
~ Friday, August 11th
Twilight 5K Run/Walk
6:00 pm
~ Saturday, August 12th
Marathon | RELAY - 7:00 am
Paavo Half Marathon - 8:00 am



Paavo Nurmi was a Finnish middle-distance and long-distance runner. He was called the " Flying Finn" or the "Phantom Finn", as he dominated distance running in the 1920s. Nurmi set 22 official world records at distances between 1500 metres and 20 kilometres, and won nine gold and three silver medals in his 12 events in the Summer Olympic Games. At his peak, Nurmi was undefeated for 121 races at distances from 800 m upwards. Throughout his 14-year career, he remained unbeaten in cross country events and the 10,000 metres.

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New for 2023 

The Twilight 5K Run/Walk

Hurley, WI | Ironwood, MI

New for 2023 is the Twilight 5K Run/Walk. The 5K Run/Walk will be held on Friday night, August 11th, during 'The Paavo' packet pick-up and EXPO. 

The Twilight 5K Run/Walk will start on Friday night at 6:00. We have a great course planned, with cool shirts for all 5K Run/Walk finnishers!

The Twilight 5K Run/Walk will also be part of the Run the U.P Challenge Race Series for 2023, a series of 9 Upper Michigan races scheduled throughout the summer.

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